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Crafond Cookware

Crafond pans are made ​​of high quality cast aluminum and finished in a durable triple ceramic coating, completely PTFE and PFOA free, so absolutely no pollutants.

The diamond cut bottom ensures a perfectly flat bottom and excellent heat conduction.

The handles are not screwed to the pan, but molded to the shape. We offer detachable handles so that you have a cool handle to put in and out of the oven.

Safety and durability are thus guaranteed.

Crafond ® products are tools for cooking in aluminium gravity cast coated with non-stick coating.

The Gravity Casting

The tools for cooking Crafond® are made of aluminium with the casting technique by gravity. This technology, is purely artisanal, consists in pouring the liquid aluminium into a mold with the imprint of the piece to be made using only the force of gravity. In this way the molten metal begins to fill the mold from the bottom upward, occupying the place of the air vent located upwards.

Foundries Dellatorre are among the few companies in the world produce, with this technique, griddles, pans and casseroles.


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