Crafond Cookware 4 Piece Set


Crafond Cookware 4 Piece Set



  • 28cm Saute pan with lid.
  • 16cm Saucepan with lid.
  • Lifetime Guaranteed.
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**please note, that due to the current struggles we face leaving the EU, shipment dates/timescales from Italy may vary. 
You may have to wait up to 4 weeks for your your cookware, providing we don't have the models in stock. 
You will be updated of the timescale once you place your order**



28cm SAUTE PAN —

  • A 2.5 litre capacity- stews, casseroles, chili con carne
  • Wok Domed edges- stir fry’s, noodles
  • Ability to roast- lid oven safe up to 220c and detachable handle- small chicken, leg of lamb, roast beef.
  • Surface of a frying pan- all your frying needs covered and with the surface space to do so!

The most versatile pan in our range is the sauté pan. With the depth, diameter, and surface area there’s little this pan can’t accomplish in the kitchen.

The coating on the cookware is Powder Titanium, ranked the #4th hardest metal in the world. The coating is sprinkled onto the pan whilst warm, then hand pressed into the bases pores, creating a non stick surface resilient to natural wear and tear. Here is a coating that will last years rather than months, which is why we offer a lifetime guarantee aswell as the recycling service* with all of our cookware.

The base will not warp, buckle or bend due to the thickness. Great for commercial and domestic kitchens.

The 28cm Saute is our BEST SELLING SIZE!


With a pouring lip on one side, and great heat distribution, this hard working 18cm hand cast Milk/Sauce Pan with its thick cast base is perfect for heating up milk or soup, or making the perfect porridge, custard, sauces or gravy.

Perfect Performance…

Cooking beautifully and evenly. Thanks to their energy-efficient, heavy-gauge cast alloy construction… these durable sauce pans offer ultra-fast heat conductivity and superb heat distribution, with no hot spots that can scorch food, or scorch the pan.


Washing up has never been easier than on this Titanium Powdered coated surface. Food slides from the pan straight to the plate, and a cup of cold water whilst your pans still hot is the way to clean as it removes all oils out of the pores of your pan. Do this every time you cook, and season your pan with some oil every few months, and here you have a non stick coating which will last for a lifetime.

Easy to Use…

With more rounded, spoon-friendly ‘corners’, the solid oven safe bakelite or detachable handles all feature an ergonomically shaped surface that keeps them cooler to the touch, so it helps you get a good grip, and makes them comfortable to lift and carry… even with food in.


Suitable for all hobs except induction, they’re also oven safe up to 220°C.for the bakelite handle or 260c for the detachable handle. 

14cm: 0.75l

16cm: 1.25l

18cm: 1.6l

These handles come to us with fixed bakelite oven handles, if you’d like to switch to a detachable, please note your order.

All sizes include:

  • Detachable handle.
  • Titanium non-stick surface.
  • Hob to Oven, Oven to table.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Hand made, hand cast in ITALY.
  • 9mm solid base.

This product is also available in INDUCTION


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